For now this functionality is available only with widget

How can I use Local Business widget

Simply activate functionality from ItalyStrap > Settings > Widget, add ItalyStrap vCard Local Business in your widgetized area and then fill in the fields input of the widget.

Below the screenshot of the widget and all options available.

Available Local Business Types for now (list from

  • AccountingService
  • AutoDealer
  • AutoRental
  • AutoRepair
  • AutoWash
  • Attorney
  • Bakery
  • BarOrPub
  • ChildCare
  • ClothingStore
  • Dentist
  • ElectronicsStore
  • EmergencyService
  • EntertainmentBusiness
  • EventVenue
  • ExerciseGym
  • FinancialService
  • FurnitureStore
  • GardenStore
  • GeneralContractor
  • GolfCourse
  • HardwareStore
  • HealthAndBeautyBusiness
  • HomeAndConstructionBusiness
  • HobbyShop
  • HomeGoodsStore
  • Hotel
  • HVACBusiness
  • InsuranceAgency
  • LodgingBusiness
  • MedicalClinic
  • MensClothingStore
  • MotorcycleDealer
  • MovingCompany
  • PetStore
  • Physician
  • ProfessionalService
  • RealEstateAgent
  • Residence
  • Restaurant
  • School
  • SportingGoodsStore
  • Store
  • TattooParlor
  • TravelAgency
  • VeterinaryCare

    Options available:

  • Select your business

    Attribute: schema
    Default: LocalBusiness
    Select your kind of activity.

  • Container CSS class

    Attribute: container_class
    Default: empty
    CSS class for the container of this widget.

  • Company name

    Attribute: company_name
    Default: empty
    Your company name.

  • Show Logo image

    Attribute: show_logo
    Default: empty
    Check if you want to show the logo in the widget section.

  • Logo size

    Attribute: logo_size
    Default: thumbnail
    Select the thumbnail size to display in posts list.

  • Logo css class

    Attribute: logo_class
    Default: empty
    Enter logo css class.


    Attribute: logo_url
    Default: empty
    The url of your logo. (DEPRECATED)

  • Logo image ID

    Attribute: logo_id
    Default: empty
    Add your logo image.

  • Street Address

    Attribute: street_address
    Default: empty
    Your street address.

  • Zipcode/Postal Code

    Attribute: postal_code
    Default: empty
    Your postal code.

  • City/Locality

    Attribute: locality
    Default: empty
    Your city or locality.

  • State/Region

    Attribute: region
    Default: empty
    Your State / Region.

  • Country

    Attribute: country
    Default: empty
    Your Country.

  • Telephone number

    Attribute: tel
    Default: empty
    Your telephone number.

  • Mobile number

    Attribute: mobile
    Default: empty
    Your mobile number.

  • Fax number

    Attribute: fax
    Default: empty
    Your fax number.

  • Email

    Attribute: email
    Default: empty
    Your email.

  • TaxID

    Attribute: taxID
    Default: empty
    Your taxID.

  • Facebook page (hidden)

    Attribute: facebook
    Default: empty
    Your Facebook page url (hidden).

  • Twitter page (hidden)

    Attribute: twitter
    Default: empty
    Your twitter page url (hidden).

  • Googleplus page (hidden)

    Attribute: googleplus
    Default: empty
    Your googleplus page url (hidden).

  • Pinterest page (hidden)

    Attribute: pinterest
    Default: empty
    Your pinterest page url (hidden).

  • Instagram page (hidden)

    Attribute: instagram
    Default: empty
    Your instagram page url (hidden).

  • YouTube page (hidden)

    Attribute: youtube
    Default: empty
    Your youtube page url (hidden).

  • Linkedin page (hidden)

    Attribute: linkedin
    Default: empty
    Your linkedin page url (hidden).

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